Entry #1


2014-04-13 14:37:42 by EpilepticEmus

Hey so I know I have been inactive for like a reaaaally long time, the reason is because ive made a new account called EmuToons. I didnt wanna make a news post about it until I had a new animation up there which took a lot longer than expected with school and stuff but I got one up there now so if you havent completely forgot about me id ask that u go follow me there cuz after this post I dont think ill ever be coming back to this account.


Link to new page: http://emutoons.newgrounds.com/

New Animation: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/637082


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2014-04-13 14:44:00

Your new animation is cool :)

EpilepticEmus responds:

thanks a lot dude!